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So are you saying that you could use the TriCaster mini as a converter box too then?
Sure, this would work. An NDI-enabled MINI, MINI SDI 410, etc., gets you conversion from 4 hardware sources plus 4 independent mixed outputs for a total of 8 NDI sources (4 straight, 4 mixed). Double that number of hardware inputs converted for an 860 or 8000 platform.

Just to give some sense of how insane this is, I put together a composite showing the current source list available on the 460 on my desk (I had to paste this menu together, as you can tell at a glance, because it was impossible to fit it on a single 1080 high screen). Granted we arguably have an abnormal number of systems on the network, but there really are a lot of potential NDI sources for anyone (not just those that NewTek makes) and this gives you some idea of the potential.

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