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Thread: Yay! Just ordered LW :)

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    Talking Yay! Just ordered LW :)

    Just wanted to say Hi to everyone in the Newtek forums.

    After spending a few days evaluating the Discovery Edition, I'm convinced that this is the best bang for the buck.

    What really did it for me was the Ocean tutorial found at simplylightwave. Absolutely incredible what you can do with displacement maps. Up until now, I never had a clear understanding of what they were for (I'm more of a hobbyist).

    There's just so much to do with this program- I don't know how to explain it other than it's got a very high "coolness" factor.

    Anyway...enough babbling- just needed an outlet for my excitement and looking forward to learning more!


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    Welcome HarverdGrad. Even if you enjoy Lightwave half as much as I do, you're going to really enjoy it.
    And you're getting in at a good time. I think Lightwave will rank high in the "coolness factor".
    I think you'll find the Lightwave community pretty nice and very willing to help out when you need it. Good luck.

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    Hi HarverdGrad,
    and welcome to the lightwave community! Glad you found Lightwave was for you. You will find every one here from people just learning like yourself to people working in the biggest SFX studios on the planet, on the latest movies.
    And the guys who are working on making Lightwave a kick arse peice of kit. (Proton Plug )
    I'm sure if you have any questions someone will be able to help. In the long and winding road of learning the package

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    You did the right thing JB! LW is the shizznit.

    This Forum is too, lots of cool helpful people here and lots of shared ideas - but don't forget to study the manual! If you ask us how to make a box (it's happened more than once) someone will tell you to RTFM (read the ******* manual)!
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    Welcome Harverdgrad!!

    Sniff,,,, It will seem like only yesterday when LW v20 comes out and Harvardgrad remenices about starting in old LW7.5... back when computers were on your desk instead of on your wrist...

    Still only OpenGL v 12, damn.....

    Oh, whats that you are wearing on your finger... Oh the new Apple powerbook?

    Latest from CNN: Bill gates just turned 120 years old.... well at least his head did... He almost died when his windoze based robotic body crashed..... I heard his lips turned the same dreaded blue....

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    Congradulations, and welcome to a new love affair. You definately aren't alone!

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