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Thread: How to integrate Nikon D750 HDMI into TC40?

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    How to integrate Nikon D750 HDMI into TC40?

    Nikon's D750 supports HDMI "out".
    TC40 supports HD Component "in".
    So it looks like I will need to convert HDMI into Component (with audio) in order to get the TC40 to recognize the Nikon D750.

    If any of you have experience doing this, I would appreciate some recommendations on how you did this. Which company makes a good device to accomplish this?

    What about cabling? Does the HDMI cable from the Nikon handle the audio leg too and the conversion box splits out the component video BNC's along with audio (left & right) via RCA jacks?

    Right now, I only need a distance of ~50 feet for each camera.

    Nikon D750 sends 1080p (60p or 50p or 30p or 25p or 24p). From what I can tell in the Nikon specs, it does not send 1080i.

    Thanks in advance.

    Pete English
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