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Thread: save transformed mutiple?

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    save transformed mutiple?


    Does anyone know if there is a plug in that will do a save transformed on multiple objects. I have a scene and I want to kind of freeze it all into one object. There is a hundred objects so I dont want to sit there and save each one as I want to do it for about 20 frames or so (hit save transformed and type a name 2000 times!).

    Also is there any way of opening mutiple objects into one modeller file instead of it opening in mutiple files.

    Thanks in advance


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    to open more than one in modeller

    I think there's something like open in layer somewhere in the menus... On the scene thing, I'm not sure exactly what you are asking - do you want to merge all the object in to one lwo - why? I guess you could do an fbx export to get everything together... but I think that if you do that you'll still need to lwo files to make it work right. I may be wrong since I'm not in front of a comptuer with lw installed but there may be a save all objects in layout?
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    Cheers for the reply!

    I found the open in layer command but you still need to do it for each object. I would like to merge it all into one object from the scene. Why? well what it is, is its a track on a tank with each link being one object. The animation is to demonstrate a track tensioning system. To do the animation I have used IK and parenting and stuff which is all fine. But, the anim is going into SW3D wih director so there will be real time controls to make the track tension and slacken. In 3D in director you get a huge performance hit for using lots of little objects instead of 1 object with the same number of polys, also the IK will not translate and bonesplayer in a bit too unwieldly for this as there are many other systems on the tank to model. What I want to do is have my 20 frame animation as 20 objects of the full track a different stages of tension, which i can use as a kind of sequence in director.

    I dont know about this fbx thing, what is that?

    The save all objects command in layout just saves each object over itself so wont be much good as I need the transformed objects.

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    I see this question a lot in the forums, but I've yet to find an answer. Is there a way to save multiple transformed objects from layout to a single .lwo file?

    The destination of the layers is not so important to me. I just need a fast way to save numerous transformed objects in a single mouse click.


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