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Thread: Article: Change Your Thinking

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    Article: Change Your Thinking

    It may sound cliché, but the power of positive thinking goes a long way when working in this industry. Every day you’ll be asked to tackle the impossible, and if you go in with the attitude of can do, you’ll be able to see the task to completion. If your attitude is not possible, you will most likely not complete the task. It’s called a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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    I am all for a free lightwave and modo version 2016, how´s that for being positive and believe in the impossible things that I will probably how to change my thinking to a not possible solution.
    Not so much a self motivating thing is it.

    Sorry for that, the coffe hasn´t kicked in yet, and I was just brainstorming wildly in case some of the developers listens to tackle the impossible.

    Just joking around, you have posted some very interesting self motivating articles ..will take a look at this too.

    Cheers for providing them, think I will print them out and stick them to the wall.
    And I do admit, there are things in there that I do recognize valid for me indeed.


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    I'm english...this does not compute !
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    Quote Originally Posted by cresshead View Post

    I'm english...this does not compute !

    This made me smile!

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    Nice article Sir, I always begin every conversation with a 'can do''s the 'screw you' nature of the deadlines that's the problem!

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