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Thread: Kinect Motion Variable Nomenclature is confusing

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    Kinect Motion Variable Nomenclature is confusing

    I'm trying to understand each of the Kinect for Windows variable names that are available in the TraitItemMotion Node Editor's Device Node. It seems the system for naming each of the joints is inconsistent leading to confusion. As I understand it, in Lightwave each joint should be named for the bone that it controls. That is the joint at its base where it attaches to its parent, not at its end where it attaches to a child bone. For the right forelimb, what we have in the Kinect Device node are four variables:


    Note that each of the first three above are joints, not bones. But the Hand is not a joint. So I would like for someone to verify for me that each of these would correspond to the following bones that each joint controls (in corresponding order):

    Scapula (Shoulder)
    Humerus (Upper Arm)
    Ulna (Also Radius or Lower Arm)
    Hand (Manus treated as a unit)

    If the first one (Skeleton0_Shoulder_Right) does indeed control the Humerus then I can't figure out what the last one (Skeleton0_Hand_Right) would control. Of course the logic would be the same for the left forelimb. The same nomenclatural problem exists with the hind limb. Here are the variable names available for the right side:


    Of course the Foot is not a joint either as the other three are. Looking at the Kinect Rig given in the Kinect_Skeleton_SKL0.LWS file it would seem that most of the Kinect variable names reflect the joints at the distall ends of the bones' they control and not the joints at their bases. Very misleading!
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