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Thread: Am I missing something?

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    Am I missing something?

    So I fire up the Prime Time set in VSE (desktop), and make my changes. I change the logo on the desk and the background images. I noticed when I had it open in VSE that the nice hi-res logo I put on the desk was a little rough around the edges from being scaled down. I was really truly hoping the Tricaster would smooth that out for me. It didn't. No matter what size image I try to put in there, from the fully zoomed-out angle, it's still has the rough edges, like there's no AA (anti-aliasing) being applied at all. Did I miss something, or is this a limitation of VSE and the Tricaster? A little AA would go a long way in making things really nice looking.
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    Can you try changing the opacity a bit? I've found that when applying a logo to the desk, if I leave it full on, it can look a bit fake. Changing the opacity can help it to blend in better and not "stand out" so much. Also, what is the resolution of the graphic? I would not use more than 1920x1080 for the image, as that is the max resolution of TriCaster and using larger images which require additional scaling might aggravate the issue, just something to try.




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