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Thread: Making Robot Hands

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    Making Robot Hands

    I need a good basic tutorial for making hands. I'm constructing an android similar to the ones in I Robot meets the Terminator. I want metal knuckles(the parts to look crafted out of metal) contrasted with plastic fingers(More shapely). I want to contrast an organic look with an inorganic look. I've done basic cartoonish hands, but never one with this much detail. So any tuts with robot hands or a basic human hand. It seems that this would be done in pieces. Any thoughts or tips would be appreciated.

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    Not sure there are specific tutorials about robot hands. It's basically hard surface modeling.

    I would recommend sketching out what you want to model first. Doing that will help you 'see' what each part is (cylinder, box, ring, sphere, etc).
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    Dozens of robot hands to study or emulate.
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