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Thread: Weird artifact on Live input when modifying an overlay layer in VSE2

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    Weird artifact on Live input when modifying an overlay layer in VSE2

    Hi all,

    I am having a strange issue with VSE2: I have a simple live set setup: I have a background layer, a proxy image as Input B, some masking overlay, another overlay layer that's supposed to be customizable in VSE2 (hue, lightness, saturation - let's call it "Lighting") and an Input A layer for the talent. When I export this setup as is from VSE2 everything is ok. However, when I modify the "Lighting" layer super-strange "ripple" effects start to happen on the Input B layer. It's as if the "Lighting" layer modifications don't just affect the layer itself, but also the proxy bitmap for Input B and mess it up. Is that at all possible? Shouldn't any HLS modifications just affect the layer in question? Is this a bug or is this something that never was supposed to work?

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    We would need an example to know exactly what you are seeing. Please post some screen captures.

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