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Thread: Breakthrough on Audio distortion

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    Breakthrough on Audio distortion

    This is for anyone who encounters a similar problem as I did with severe audio distortion from the Skype Client.

    Originally, I ran two XLR cables going from the Audio Out on the TalkShow unit, into two XLR ports on a Yahmaha mixer, per the instructions.

    The result was unusable audio content from the Skype Client; every word that came back from them was highly distorted ... not into the TalkShow unit (NewTek support was good to point out my need to monitor the audio by using headphones plugged into the back of the TalkShow unit, and it was good), into the mixer.

    When our audio team changed:
    FROM a configuration of XLR out of TalkShow into XLR on the the mixer,
    TO a configuration of XLR out of the TalkShow into the line port on the the mixer, the distortion immediately ceased.

    I realize this is not a NewTek or TalkShow issue, per se. However, I could see it come up for other TalkShow users. Hope this tip saves someone time and/or money and/or confusion.
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    Some mixers have a Mic/Line level switch on the inputs to deal with this.
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