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Thread: 3Play as a Time-Shift for Live Show

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    3Play as a Time-Shift for Live Show

    Hi Guys,

    I just want to share with all of you on using a 3Play as a Time-Shift for a Live Show.
    I happened to be the Technical Director for Java Jazz Festival, an annual event in Indonesia.
    Typically we have 16-17 stages during the event, and we're broadcasting locally (and Live Stream 2 HD Channels via
    One of the challenge about producing such a large event is that, the schedule can be unpredictable...
    Some shows can be longer than scheduled, and it create headache.
    We are focusing on the 4 main stages. What we do is we will record all the program output of each stage into a 3Play...
    Should one show runs long, we will follow until it finished, and cue up the next show on the 3play... taking it on air right after the previous show finished. And since we have all the shows on 3Play, we can afford to do that until the end.

    This year it will be on March 6-7-9 2015. You can watch them on
    for more info about this festival:


    Djundi Karjadi
    PT Interindo MultiMedia

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    Thanks, Djundi! We'll get some social media posts up to let folks know about the Festival! Got a question for you in Forum PM as well!
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