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Thread: audio monitor output

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    audio monitor output

    Hi, about audio monitor

    there is no difference about audio that I get from Audio card to the phone output right?

    Also in both output I can only monitor all the audio that feed the input of Talkshow and the caller, there is no way as tricaster that i choose what audio wants to hear?,

    the only way to monitor the audio from the caller is on the main output?(XLR output of talkshow?)
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    Currently the 1/4" phone jack on the back of the system carries a mix of call and return audio. Call audio is soloed on XLR (and SDI) outputs. When TalkBack is in use, the 1/8" headphone jack on the motherboard outputs soloed caller audio. Otherwise, I believe it sends a mix.
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    On the TriCaster audio mixer, if you have a headphones or speakers connected to the 1/4" phono output, you can monitor any input by SOLO-ing it in the TriCaster audio mixer interface.

    Also, you can choose what audio to return to the TalkShow caller by using the routing controls in the TriCaster audio mixer (only on TC-Mini, 410, 460, 860, 8000 systems). Typically I would send back the AUX audio to the TalkShow with everything expect the TalkShow audio input.
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