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Thread: C: drive getting full. Help!

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    C: drive getting full. Help!

    I have a 460. My c: drive has less than 1GB free. Does anyone know how full the c: drive was as shipped? I've only installed speededit since acquring the unit. I cannot update the 460 because there is not enough space on the c: drive.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you.

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    SpeedEdit's not that big. I'm not sure what might be occupying your drive, but you could always just do a Restore, reinstall SE, then update. You'd be back to 'fresh as a daisy' state afterward.
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    Hi Max,

    Steve's advice is spot-on.

    Another option is to exit to Windows, then take a look via Windows Explorer to see if you can determine what is filling the hard drive. I would guess that your video content is getting recorded or copied to the C: drive. Those files can be very large...and can gobble up any free space you originally had.

    There are few other things that could consume such a large amount of space. It almost has to be video files.

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    Here is a good free tool you can use to find out what might be taking up your disk space, SpaceSniffer.

    This tool doesn't have to be installed, just put it on a USB drive and run it. It will scan you drive and the more space that a file/folder take up on your hard drive, the larger the 'box' will be in the display. I've had times where some big file is located deep in a folder, but using a tool like this you can find it right away.
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