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Thread: Can TalkShow display a web page

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    Can TalkShow display a web page

    I just started setting up a DEMO TalkShow we got for a test drive. I was thinking if it can display a web page on the SDI output it would solve two problems for us doing interviews and showing web cams.
    Is there a way for TalkShow to display a web page on the SDI output? if it can we would not need a 2nd computer to just to show a web page.

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    Interesting. The SDI output is, of course, intended to output video from the incoming Skype caller. The source for this is always the remote Skype call, although you can substitute a grabbed image if you like. A still image probably would not help you, but one thing that comes to mind is that you could use the regular Skype client's screen sharing on a networked laptop and use a Skype call from the laptop to the TalkShow to do this.

    If you have a TriCaster, though, it would probably be a lot simpler just to send both TalkShow output and a web browser from another computer on the network to TriCaster's network inputs. No need for the SDI output at all ...
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    I tried using the Skype desktop screen sharing feature (which would do what you want), but it appears that Skype TX doesn't accept it at this point.

    I'll put in a feature request for this.
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