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Thread: GI Flicker and Minnaert Shader

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    GI Flicker and Minnaert Shader

    Just thought I'd share this.

    I have been rendering a ton of animation scenes lately with Monte Carlo at with very economical settings. Havent had an issue with flickering till I started a group of shots this week. There was flickering all of a sudden and no matter how high my settings were raised the flickering would not stop.

    Turns out the group of shots were using a clone of a model I had stored on a back up drive and it used the Minnaert shader for skin. I had switched to Oren Nayer before beginning final renders at the beginning of the year. When I swapped out the model with the Oren Nayer Shader for skin all flickering disappeared.

    So if you have GI flickering Minnaert might be the culprit.
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    Good to know.. Thank you.
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    On a related note I was having some noisy reflections, things would look fine except when being reflected they had this white noise like a bumpy specular that would flicker between frames. I was pulling my hair out trying to remove it. I tried upping the ray recursion limit, the antialias, shading samples, light samples.. still visible. Till I lowered the "Ray Cut OFF" to .001. And that got rid of it =)


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