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Thread: Texture from H-Poly to low-poly?

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    Texture from H-Poly to low-poly?

    Probably not a Lw feature, but how would you use a texture from a high poly model (scanned model) in a low poly model if you create this one? In this case itīs a building so a planar texture projection or planar uv could work. Any third party baking tool? Any idea?



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    Ok, it happened again. I've just found this

    Anyway, this was 4 years ago... any updates are welcome

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    i've heard that x-normal really excels in baking. Have not tried it myself so i cannot give a personal opinion or tips. Look at some youtube tutorials in using x-normal.
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    Both Blender and Substance can do it, and Modo but thats an expensive option

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    I was going to mention PB Texture Baker but I see you found it. I used it on a couple of jobs maybe two or three years ago and it worked well. It works in Modeler, BTW, and it's an inexpensive plugin. I don't know if it still works for 2015.x--haven't used it in a while.


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    Thanks to all.

    Greenlaw, at this moment I own 11.6 so it could work for me. I'll take a look.

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    I guess I could apply this to my current post thread REDUCE POLYs +.
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