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Thread: how do you get rid of jagged edges in layout?

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    how do you get rid of jagged edges in layout?

    i'm trying to render an orthographic view of a circle, a triangle and a square. the square looks fine, but the circle and the triangle have jagged edges. how do you make them look straight with the render? thanks.

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    First thing would be to increase the pixel dimension of the render and then scale down in Photoshop to the final image size required. This will give you more pixels along an inclined edge. They will be proportionately smaller in relation to the overall shape. Having AA turned on will also help. Use Gaussian Blur to soften edges in PS, such that intermediate value pixels are introduced along the shape. Then use Levels to tighten up if desired.
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    If the included reference and instruction materials for Lightwave are available, they might be of quick assistance.
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    You need to adjust the anti-aliasing. Go to Camera Properties. Turn on Adaptive Sampling. Set it to 0.01 to start. Set maximum samples to 8 to start. Test render and adjust to suit. This should get you started. Then review the section in the manual about using the anti-aliasing settings of the camera panel for more information about what each setting means and how to use them.
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