So i am working with a tricaster 460 (latest update) with a control surface, and a sony camera SRG300H. I am also using a Lumens camera which is a sony knock off (VCG-50 Model). The issue I am having is with getting control of the RS-232 side of the cameras. I am using a Tripp Lite Keyspan Adapter for conversion to RS-232. The issue I have is I have is that there are several protocols for controlling the cameras inside tricaster and have had mixed results with the different protocols. the Lumens Camera responds as expected. The sony camera does not however. The sony dosent seem to send its range of motion back to the tricaster. when using the preset window vs the control surface, I have almost no range of motion. With the joystick I have additional range of motion but not a full range as expected...

so in Sony Visca 1.0 I have PTZ. ALmost the same as 1.1... 1.1 just is faster and smoother.

in Sony Visca 1.1 I have PTZ. The issue I have is the when presets are saved and then recalled they dont recall pan and tilt info, just zoom info is sent...This is a come and go situation, sometimes it works as expected. But, if the PT info is sent via tricaster rather than recalling a preset the camera is not seeing the movement info just the zoom info... depressing the shift button on the Control surface updates the PT info.

In Sony Visca 1.4 I have very slow motion response, it works the worst of the 3 protocols for me. Many functions are nonworking.

the cameras reaction time is very slow no matter which one of these I am using.

Thanks so much for any and all help in advance!