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Thread: Macro to add 5 second to DDR replay clip

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    Macro to add 5 second to DDR replay clip

    I would like to be able to quickly add 5 seconds to the beginning of a replay clip in a DDR before switching to that replay clip during a live sports broadcast. Right now, I'm taking the mouse and sliding the beginning of the clip to the left and watching the runtime within the clip to add about 5 seconds before switching to the DDR to begin the replay.

    Any help is appreciated!


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    I'm no expert, but I would suggest recording that action in a macro, and then going into the edit panel for the macro and adjusting the time to what you wanted. I don't know if that kind of command is possible for a macro, but my approach would be to record the command, and then go in and fine tune the macro in the macro edit panel.

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    Hi Max,

    I assume you are referring to the new Record Chop feature which allows grabbing the last 5 seconds into DDR while continuing to record. I also wanted to come up with a way to lengthen the replay clip to be more than the default 5 seconds and have had no luck after extensive research and testing (other than with the mouse). There are Macro commands to change the In point of a DDR clip, but the parameters they are looking for are actual times in the clip - "go to xx position" - and do not allow for "go to current In point minus x". In other words, not supporting math functions, wants an absolute time address to go to, and we don't know what that is since every clip is unique.

    Here is the cheat sheet with all the Macro commands and parameters for your reference -

    If you figure out how to make it work, let me know!


    Jeff Pulera
    Safe Harbor Computers


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