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Thread: slighlty rounded edge on a boolean subtraction?

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    slighlty rounded edge on a boolean subtraction?

    I have some text which i am "boolean subtracting" from a surface to create indented text. the surface is not level, has some bumps and dips in it.

    now when i subtract i get a very crisp sharp edge, but would like it to be slighlt beveled or rounded. I could see how i could maybe do it to the "tive" part of the word, but it seems impossible with the p, where the cut is so uneven. is there any way of cutting with a rounded edge?

    thanks, anna
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    Try searching for JettoBevel on these forums (edit: find it here: Also, see if you can get edgebevel from daz (not sure this is available still)

    Once you have Jettobevel installed as a plugin, select your booleaned text, and call it. Use Jettobevel on it (it might be very slow!) and inset and shift a small amount (relative to your textsize). If you want round bevels, select that option and how many segments you want...
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    Best plugin for this sort of work is Rounder by Richard Brak.

    Rounder Webpage

    It's only $39 bargain!
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