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Thread: training available in Southern California

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    training available in Southern California

    Hello I am a certified operator in the Tricaster 40 and Professional Line. Have worked with Key Code Media which is a top reseller of Tricaster for three years. In that time I trained over 80 clients on the use of Tricaster and Tricaster workflow with other systems. I have helped clients design entire studios based around the unit. And I've trained their future operators. Whatever your needs and model I can come to your facility and get your team up and running as quickly as possible. Usually I block off training in a 4-hour block at $600 for the session. Experience has taught that that's enough time to get some body familiar with the basic functions and not overload them If advanced knowledge is necessary I usually offer a second four hour session Although it would be a lot for a person to take in in one day. That's the basic template and it's been successful for many, but if you want something else it can be arranged. For inquiries email me at [email protected].

    Ed Friesema
    Video Technology Consultant and Tricaster Certified Operator

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    Hi Ed, we are planning to hire freelancers and certified Tricaster operators for our program in high schools - collaborative workshop with 3Ball Productions. This year we have ambitious plans to volunteer at Pennsylvania High School. I'm also planning to visit the school’s TV studio and do my project for me reviewing the telethon. Our group mentor has already contacted Russ Friedman (Independent Media Production Professional) and Amber Mazzola ( Five Five Productions expert).


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