This is absolutely true hrgiger, thanks for stating your opinion on the matter. That is the challenge, no matter where we draw the line we will have someone who is not happy. Ultimately we have to do the best we can at coming out with updates to the software but logically it does stand to reason that the later that an upgrade is made after a new release the less time there is before the next release. That is a built in reality of progressive software updates and I don't think that LightWave is unique in that way.

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Well, the Octane promotion was just that, a chance to get Octane in a bundle deal and that's what you were buying. LW3DG has been running specials on and off through the year so it probably has little to do with when the next version of LW was due out and I can't imagine that they are scamming to trick a handful of people to buy a bundle just so they can charge them again in a few months. Is there any reason to think that Octane won't continue to work within LW 11? I'm not saying your wrong in feeling duped, but I'm just trying to play devils advocate a bit as I do think you do have to consider, as you said, that you knew LW 11 had been around for a while and nobody ever seems to know when LW will release a new version so there's always a chance this will happen. I'd be pissed if I upgraded and then found out I missed a free upgrade by only a week or a month, but Newtek has to draw the line somewhere and some people are just going to fall outside of that.