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Thread: Lightwave 2015 revealed!

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    Honestly the Bullet improvements are probably what will make me upgrade eventually. I know some people see the update overall as a little light but considering all the free feature updates we got with LightWave 11, I still see LightWave as a good value. With this update, the comingLWCAD 5 release as well as the free Zbrush 4R7 update coming soon, should keep me satisfied for a little while.

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    I know that everyone has total right to their opinion; my take on the economics of this upgrade is just different from many of the commenters.

    Lightwave is an important tool in how I make my living, and the cost of the upgrade to 2015 I already made up in just yesterday's work. I'm excited to explore Genoma 2 (I've come to rely on Genoma for rapid rigging prototyping, and can easily forgive the occasional need to tweak the resulting skeleton), and the new Bullet stuff looks great. I'm sure other new tools will pop up to please me over time, but those are two of the big deals in what I do.

    As I see it, Lightwave continuing to be economically viable for NewTek is critical to my not needing to start over from nearly square one with some other modeling/animating tool and, if by keeping current on the upgrades (that pay for themselves) I can help keep them afloat, I am on board for the long haul.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 50one View Post
    thanks! always downloaded them....

    anyway, checkout the "spring_train" scene from the Bullet folder - edit the damping factor as described - change it to 25 - play the anim(it stops immediately), then change to 26(it just keeps bouncing like for 40/50/60/100 almost no difference in bounciness)

    Wondering if it's wonky bullet or wonky implementation
    Please use the damping options of the rigid body!
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    any guarantee that we would see a few more Modeler updates in 2015 ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by erikals View Post
    any guarantee that we would see a few more Modeler updates in 2015 ?
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    For anyone interested; reactions at CGTalk:
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    Quote Originally Posted by lino.grandi View Post
    Please use the damping options of the rigid body!
    That's what I'm doing - actually increasing the number (200 / 400/ 600/ 800) is giving the results I was after - shortening the damping cycle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hrgiger View Post
    With this update, the comingLWCAD 5 release as well as the free Zbrush 4R7 update coming soon, should keep me satisfied for a little while.
    I'm not an archviz person so I can see myself doing all my modeling in zbrush really soon. Then tweaking things in front of the camera in my rendering app.
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    Quote Originally Posted by probiner View Post
    At least it wasn't a wrong assumption about the architecture. Or an annoying type formatting.
    Annoying? GOAL ACHIEVED.

    AND: I'm not proven wrong about the architecture, just unconfirmed.

    Shouldn't you be exploring the new features?
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    Quote Originally Posted by erikals View Post
    any guarantee that we would see a few more Modeler updates in 2015 ?
    There absolutely should be - I can't imagine it having to suck for much longer. My understanding is that James is taking the reigns since the departure of Ikeda and that should translate into progress. They do need more people working on modeler though in general. I think the LWG needs like 6 more people at least. 3 working on Modeler alone.
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    LWG, Big thanks for putting intersecting edges into this update! Almost made it worth the upgrade price for me! I was working on a scene last night where I dropped a "toon" tree into the scene and just "planted" it into the ground and thought, "I should set intersecting edges", so I did. It created a nice outline where the ground intersects with the trees.

    Ah, the simple things like this are truly appreciated!

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    True it doesn't feel like a huge update, but it has a whole lot of stuff in it. I mean, it's not something you're going to go on the newsgroups and say, "Look what LW can do now!" But it is something you're going to appreciate more and more as you use it every day.
    The subpatch rendering stuff does look really cool though, as does the springs and hinges. That mushroom thing is adorable.

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    Where do we send feature requests to? and see what is already there, so we don't duplicate requests. Thanks.
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    kat - how about - just Victor - give the modeler to him... that is it

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    I didn't want to do it. Really, this time I didn't want to do it. Believe me! I wanted to wait and see. How does it work? Do the pros complain about bugs? Do they like the new stuff? You know, I didn't needed to do it. No one is pressing me with deadlines or wants fancy bullet animations from me. I have a job, that has nothing do to with Lightwave. What I have works for me (ok Modeler somehow and this mainly because of LWCad).

    That said, I should not have loaded a hdr and switch on importance sampling. Damn! This Paypal button took away my self-control so easily again. What a weak personality I have. Bad for me (money is gone), good for LW3DG (money arrived).


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