So FYI, I just received a notice that I'll need to upgrade from LW10 if I wish to continue my HardCore discount.

Also, it stated that they're offering a 30 day grace period.
I interpret this to mean I have 30 days from the launch of LW12 in which to make up my mind. (That's appreciated.)
Also, the email warned that there's no "guarantee" prices won't go up.

I'm glad that NewTek is following up.

However, I have mixed feelings for 2 reasons:

1. I've gotten used to being able to skip a release with Modo. (I'm still on 701 there.)

2. (And this is my real gripe) I've witnessed LW updates being offered to people that weren't HardCore for discounts while I got nothing special. (I'm at $495 post charter.)

So, here's my opinion:

NewTek needs users badly. (This forum is pretty darn quiet compared to days gone by.)

Price increases may be necessary, maybe even deserved, but, it's not going to help them against very affordable competition.
Heck even Blender is becoming useful.

I really hope that LW12 is all it can be and it generates all the income they need to thrive.
Thus, for whatever it's worth, I would recommend LW makes a heck of an offer to it's existing HCore user base this Christmas because, unless they're about to launch a MUST HAVE app, they're going to suffer in the competition.
That's my two cents anyways.

I'd like to continue supporting LW and even return to using it as my go to app but, there's a lot of options and justification nowadays for not doing that.