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Thread: Maya quad view like in Modeler?

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    Maya quad view like in Modeler?

    Hi guys,

    I cant fing how to link quad view in Maya to be depend like in Modeler?
    Hope it's possible ;]

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    Press the Space key.

    EDIT: also you would be better off posting on the Autodesk forums for help with their products.
    uh wha?

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    I know this forum is not perfect but im am not Maya user. It can looks strange but many of you using Maya for sure :]

    I used word "link". I mean dependent four views (zoom, move). Thanks.
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    Oh see what you mean. How in Modeler you can have this linked. I see why asking that here is relevant because a lot of Maya users have probably never seen that. Explaining that would be a challenge. The situation in Maya is that these views are actually cameras. So they are objects in the scene, just like any other object in the scene. And since they are all individual cameras they have their own individual attribute nodes and of course translation channels via the channel box. Additionally the Ortho views have a section in the attribute node that controls the zoom in and out "Orthographic Width". All these attributes are keyable of course. And they are linked to navigation input from the keyboard and whatever input device you are using.

    So off the top of my head I am not even sure it is then possible - out of the box - in Maya. There would probably have to be a script that allowed you to constrain 3 camera's translation as well as ortho attributes and have that based on which view your cursor was in. Seems to me it would be fairly complex.

    Obviously, this is where LightWave modeler - as a modeler - has an advantage if this is the kind of thing you want.

    Arned with this information, perhaps go to the Maya forums and ask if anyone has made a script for this.
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    Thank you for reply. I realize that this is a problem in Maya. One my friend, long time Maya user, when i asked him for this, he was supprised and never saw this type of navigation ;p Another guy asked me "but for what?". I can't imagine modeling without this... there must be some script.
    Ok LW Modeler winning in this case

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    "but for what?"
    i got that a lot when using Maya

    many of them seem to not mind Maya limitations, unlike LW people, who complain about LightWave's several missing features.

    get used to the "but for what?"... or better... don't ask...

    or maybe i just had a tough crowd...

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    When I last used maya (which was a while ago, I'll admit, so some things could be fixed by now) I got so frustrated that simple things weren't implemented well (when it's been rewritten completely from the Alias Wavefront days) that I had to make a list to vent.

    For example, if you hide polys in one view, they aren't hidden in any other view, so if you start painting in the view, it paints on these hidden polys, because they're visible in other views. If you do a 'frame selected' in the graph editor it frames curves up to the next keyframe, which could be miles away from the selected keyframes.

    Basically loads of little things like that, which Maya goes 'Oh yeah, it does that' then go on to rip the mickey out of Lightwave for things which have been like that from the start and will need a rewrite to change. They forgive Maya's problems even though it's been rewritten, and so theoretically shouldn't have such stupidities in, but don't forgive LW's problems which need a rewrite to fix. Very annoying. Maya has a lot of strengths, sure, but it also has a fair share of weaknesses.
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    I find this not to be true at all. I find a very large number of Maya users are frustrated with Maya's limitations. And you can not fault artists who have never been exposed to a feature and used it, to ask why you'd want something. It happens here all the time. How many artists here to have it explained again and again why a unified app is better? And why they would not loose things they think they are going to loose by having one. The reason is many artists here have never used one. So they too ask "but why?"

    Every app is different in its approach to workflow. Every app has disadvantages and advantages.

    Overall there are more disadvantages still in LightWave modeling over the advantages it has when compared to any other unified app in my opinion. Which is why I as a modeler, my primary job it seems these days, have not returned to LightWave in over 6 years. Still waiting for it to get the very basic things it has never had for decades. Things I actually found it missing and needed on my own after using it for a number of years. Thankfully, I found all of those things already implemented in Blender, so I switched. And yep, I missed some of the modeler tools. But the trade off for me was worth it.

    Other artists prefer to model in LightWave and do other tasks in apps like Maya. Everyone has a preference. But for me, I'll take the many advantages to modeling in Blender, Maya or XSI over the head banging roadblocks to the very simplest things in Modeler/Layout as it is now.


    not sure how long ago that painting issue existed. But it is not the case now as far as I know. I have done quite a bit of painting in Maya.

    Overall the Maya developers are aware of the fact that Maya modeling has suffered these last years and they have made some great strides in the last two releases. Finally implementing some much needed simple features that XSI had, Maya was simply missing. There is also a very nice feature request website these days. The developers are in constant interaction with users, that is something I appreciate over the complete disconnect I feel around here most of the time.

    @ MarcusM

    If this feature is important to you, and you are going to be using Maya for modeling, there are sites where people who do development for Maya hang out. Just like LightWave there are a lot of people making free plugins and scripts to make up for things that are missing or needed.

    You can try searching here and getting involved in the community here to ask about this feature:

    The feature request site is here:

    In general. One of the features even Rob seems to acknowledge as being important is modeling from a camera view. This is something that Maya and other apps do natively. It does have a draw back, of course, in this case as far as this feature is concerned.

    For me, frankly I forgot about this feature entirely until you brought it up. I don't miss it at all. It is nice but, well, I have never felt the need to have it. nor have I felt as if my modeling experience suffered as a result. That's me. Everyone has a preference. Good luck with it and I hope the links help.

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    Thanks for links.

    I do a lot of modeling. Very often using background images as a reference. Now i see that Maya can slow me down in modeling, even if will have better tools. What about Max in quad view? There is also the same situation? I just must have nice quad view.
    I had not nerves to Blender interface in past...maybe try one more time. It's nice to listen experienced users in other 3d software, especially modeler.
    Why I even start asking. I plan to try something new in free time, play with other modeling tools, looking on job market, don't want lost time on bad decision. Try to connect adventages LW and something else. (I am LW user from long time and always be )

    My friend, Maya user, also was supprised how fast i doing UV mapping with PLG(together with Modeler layers system) ;]
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    I find this not to be true at all.
    i'm repeating what i was told and how i see it.
    maybe things are better these days, but it wasn't back then.

    Everyone has a preference
    yep, and by all means, i'm not saying, don't touch Maya,
    just don't always follow the "but why" crowd.

    listen to them, but research other 3Dapps and make up your own mind.

    also remember that LightWaver's are mostly generalists, and compete with an army of Maya users,
    many who only work on certain areas, such as SFX / animation, and excel at it.
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    Sure, like I said a lot of people use LW for modeling and then other apps for everything else. Part of this reasoning is the investment of time.

    And therein lies the catch. You have to spend a great deal of time in any application covering the basics and learning it inside out and actually working with it for months on actual paying projects to then have a realistic idea of what you are missing and what you can and can not live without. It takes a commitment.

    Just starting in on an application and testing it, as well as making comparisons right away will frustrate you and is not the correct approach in my opinion.

    Myself I came to Maya after years of research and working for a living in other packages. When I came to Maya even though I could model quite efficiently in both Blender and XSI, I started from scratch in Maya. It took months. And eventually after I had my head around it I forced myself to start using it on paying work to further hone in my skills in using it. The payoff for me was familiarity with other aspects of the program that learning modeling help me get familiar with. Also I was eventually able - after a long time - to find how to do most of the things I could do other places. And the urge to port something over to Blender for example, just for one feature started to get replaced with my new found knowledge in Maya and how to do it there.

    After learning how it all worked in Maya, it was fast and efficient. Just as it was in LW Modeler after years of practice. But with the other advantages I was looking for. And a host of things I miss when modeling in Blender which I also do from time to time. And then there is my laundry list of things I wish other apps had that Blender has.

    In my opinion you can not get an objective view of the difference in modeling speed between two apps as well as relevant trade-offs unless you have equal experience between the two.

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    Quote Originally Posted by erikals View Post
    also remember that LightWaver's are mostly generalists, and compete with an army of Maya users,
    many who only work on certain areas, such as SFX / animation, and excel at it.
    This may have been exclusively true at one time. And certainly in a large studio environment - more or less.

    But today the average user of Maya is much like myself. Very much a generalist. And in fact this is one of Maya's great strengths. It is one of if not the best generalist tool available out there out of the box when you consider the broad range of tools available. It is not any more difficult to learn and do these various things than it is in LightWave. In fact probably easier. And Maya has quite a large library of preset scenes for everything even special effects and hair that get you up and running very quickly for low budget gigs. I used the ocean scene for one job. Really literally, all I did was study the effects section of the manual and loaded up the scene. I used the physical sun preset and with a small amount of adjustments I was off and running. This was the one job that convinced me that this myth about Maya was completely false. It is extremely user friendly. And nDynamics... another story. The all around, easiest and most artist-friendly dynamics tool I have used. I am not saying the best dynamics tool. But for a generalist out of the box getting quick effects. The best I have used.

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    No. What happened is this. It happens all the time here. What happened is someone asked a legitimate question top ask on the LW forums because of the nature of LW Modeler view ports which is unique to pretty much most apps. It was answered as objectively as possible. Without a slant against LightWave or any hint of bias toward Maya. And the person was armed with the information to sort it out from a person (me) who is familiar with both apps. It is all to familiar here. Many of us are.

    It could have, should have been left at that if there was nothing else to contribute to the OP.

    But no. Alas this is a LW forum and people can not seem to resist the opportunity to flame Maya and other apps by AD and even Blender.

    So, this is all good except that usually and I'd say 95 percent of what is said is not true at all, or at best extremely biased. And because there are people here actually familiar with Maya, Blender etc. people can not get away with it. Because people like me will say something in response to set the record straight.

    So I have said this on numerous occasions. If you don't want people coming on these boards and talking up other programs (almost always in response to incorrect information) then don't say things about programs that are not true. It is pretty simple.

    And if you are not using it everyday or have not been using it for a real long time and are very intimately familiar with a program there is an overwhelming chance that the things you say are not true.

    Stick to the things you know. I say.

    This is as true for Blender and Maya etc...

    As it is for LightWave...
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    I don't see brand names anymore, I just see cool tools spread all over the place.
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