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Thread: TCXD 300 upgraded windows 7

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    Question TCXD 300 upgraded windows 7

    Has anyone tried upgrading a TcXD300 to windows 7?

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    Very bad idea ...
    Regards, Steve
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    Quote Originally Posted by dls005 View Post
    Has anyone tried upgrading a TcXD300 to windows 7?
    For what purpose? I believe Steve summed it up very succinctly with "Very bad idea".

    TriCaster is a video-switching "appliance" - please don't view it as a PC computer that you can tinker with the insides to "make it better". The hardware and software in a TriCaster are specifically engineered to work together in a certain way. ANY changes you make can cause it to work unreliably...or not at all.

    Thank you

    Jeff Pulera
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    Your TriCaster software is highly dependent on the resources in the OS version native to the given model. Change the OS, and those resources all change as well. Some may be gone or renamed, others may operate differently than the TriCaster software needs or expects.

    As Jeff Pulera noted, a TriCaster is a video production appliance, and no other applications or software should be added to it, nor should the OS ever be changed, if you wish your TriCaster to operate reliably.
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