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Thread: Newtonian plugin free today

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    Newtonian plugin free today

    Today I am launching a new version of my Howler website, and as an incentive, I'm making the Newtonian Follower plugin for Lightwave a free download for today only. (well, maybe a few days)

    Please drop by and take a look around. Comments and criticisms are welcome. Please share us on our facebook link too. We'd appreciate it greatly.

    Please note, Newtonian is still a commercial product (hey, it's pizza money) so no duplication, but feel free to share the link. Also, this is for individual licenses. Thanks.

    The website has be rewritten from top-down with the following goals:

    Better browser support
    No more “too much information”
    Better performance (seems to work much better in chrome now)
    More modern

    The page is at

    and for a direct link to Newtonian, go to

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    Thank you!!!

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    Wow.. Thank you..
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    Hi. I've not downloaded the plugin yet, but thanks in advance as I probably will before time runs out. The real point of this response is in praise of your home page. I've not dug any further as yet, and I don't know what it was like previously, but it looks clean and sharp. Just thought I'd let you know as you asked.
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    downloaded shared and tweeted .... thanks

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    Thank ya kindly sah!
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    Thank you Sir!
    Beyond kind of you.

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    Very nice layout and colorscheme. Its easier and look cleaner on the eyes. Looks like a familiar template though.

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    Grabbed it! Many thanks.
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    Dan, I noticed that on the site it says that Howler can be used for tradition frame by frame animation. Do you have any tutorials that show that part of the software? And is it in any way limited compared to other animation programs (I don't mean the bells and whistles you get on dedicated 2D animation programs), or do you think it very capable? It might be good to try to find a competent traditional animator and let them play with it and create tutorial content. My problem with Howler is I've never quite got what it is, as it seems to be a few things, but the traditional animation aspect struck me as something I'd like to know more about.

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    cool. Not sure where I would use it, but seems like one of those things that one could find lots of uses for, if you know about it. Thanks

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    Thanks - made sure to grab a copy, and checked out Howler 9.5. Good stuff!
    - Sylver

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