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Thread: Lightwave Principals of Animation videos

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hail View Post
    What a good learning resource.
    Thank you very much!::bows::
    Cool! Glad they are helpful.
    [URL=""]Alleyne Studio / 3D Art & Animation[/URL]

    [URL=""]Brent's Youtube Training Vids[/URL]

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    I've never been a fan of sock monkey it's only for the most simple of objects ... however you've got me thinking.

    Sock monkey a cage with the new 3rdPower Lattice Deformer tool. Sock Monkey the deformer.... hmm, that's got me thinking.

    On the fence to load up on all of those LW plugins for deformation/cages. But this might be a winner. Can someone confirm that this combo will work? chazriker?
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