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Thread: Melting an object

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    Melting an object

    I've got an idea for a short that requires a cellular tower melting.
    what would be a good method for that steel melting looking.

    I'm thinking morph targets and maybe particle hv, but i'm alittle unclear on how to get that melty look.
    i saw a melt plug in that goes from structure to puddle,
    but i'm looking more for that godzilla breath on a tower kinda of melt.
    any ideas?

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    Have a look at this plugin:
    Hope it helps


    Just read the part of your post where you mention seeing a plugin that goes from structure to a puddle...
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    You might be able to do it with morphs and a displacement map. Animate the opacity of the displacement map over time.
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    For the puddle part, there are threads some time back where water and/ or show collected in puddles. The recommended method was to use two objects and grow the puddle as the water particles died or the snow object shrunk/dissolved.
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    Or, since there was talk about it earlier, Messiah comes with a plugin called "Melt"

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    Bullet softbodies is another option. You could apply this and bones and morphs to give you some control.
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    I believe Splinegod (RIP) had some melting related tutorials somewhere.

    Just looked and found a sample on his Youtube page, which mentions he has a tut on

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    I have just seen a short while ago a really impressive melting sequence, though not 3D "only" 2D . It's in Nausicaä, Valley of the wind from Miyazaki.
    There is this godlike superrobot in the end which melts down. Insanely cool animation there. A must study for all animators.

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    While this example isn't melting, lattices and/or cages can be used to get a controllable melting effect. The cage could easily have a texture displacement applied to make the liquid boil as well.

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    wow, that cage deformation is amazing, how did you set it up? deformation tab?

    I had the pleasure of working with larry shultz, and counted him a friend, i was sad to hear of his passing. Larry was a pretty funny guy too by the way.

    i recall that, that studio does insane 2d work, must of taken a long time to do.
    the music is also unusually awesome

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    Quote Originally Posted by djwaterman View Post
    chazriker, That's using the 3rd powers tool right?
    Yep. Though you could get this same effect with the free lattice out there as well.
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    check out erikals video at youtube - there must be melting plugin.. video..

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