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Thread: TriCaster - Tally Light Setup

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    TriCaster - Tally Light Setup

    Applies to: TriCaster

    Problem Description

    An option for getting tally lights is to purchase a LogiConverter from which will allow you to connect to tally lights. Each box will control up to 4 tally lights so for any 8 input TriCaster you will 2 LogiConvert boxes.

    This part of the article describes how to wire LEDs to the SVGA Tally Connector on the XD850 and XD850 Extreme. Tally lights on the XD850 work by creating a simple circuit with an LED to light up when that channel is selected on the Live Row in the XD Live Production. If you reference the illustration and pinout below you will see that Pin 1 thru 8 are designated as LED 1 thru 8, those pins/LEDs are tied to channel 1 thru 8 in the XD Live Production channels 1 thru 8.

    Steps to Fix/Workaround

    Steps to Wire a Single LED Tally

    The following are steps to creating a working Tally using a standard LED:
    1. Connect the Positive lead on the LED to the XD850 Tally Connector Pin for the specific channel you want to use (Pin 1 thru 8)
    2. Connect the Ground lead on the LED to one of the two ground pins on the XD850 Tally connector (Pin 9 or 10)
    3. Note: The XD850 Tally Connector only has Two Ground Pins, multiple connections can be grounded on each of these pins.
    4. Once the LED is connected to a specific channel pin and the ground, it will now illuminate when that channel is selected in the Live Production Software.

    Below is the specific pin-out of the XD850 15 pin SVGA connector for Tally:

    Pin1 – LED1
    Pin2 – LED2
    Pin3 – LED3
    Pin4 – LED4
    Pin5 – LED5
    Pin6 – LED6
    Pin7 – LED7
    Pin8 – LED8
    Pin9 – GND
    Pin10 – GND
    Pin11 – GPI1
    Pin12 – GPI2
    Pin13 – NC
    Pin14 – 3.3V (with 20 Ohms current limit)
    Pin15 – NC
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