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Thread: Blurred reflection looks like motion blur ?

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    Blurred reflection looks like motion blur ?


    while trying to set up luminoous geometry as lights so that they get reflected,
    I noticed that the reflection looks more like motion blur than like reflection.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I tried a lot of different settings already but the reflection always looks more or less like shown in the screenshot.
    Is this how a blurred reflection should look? I am not sure.

    Scene is attached as well (ignore the strange ligjhting; it is all test in progress).
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    Think of it as though you're seeing the sun setting over the ocean.. the "blur" of the sun will spread vertically a lot. I think this is LW creating the same sort of effect.
    Like this: http://www.caribbean-adventures-and-...ictures-04.jpg
    If you want a more uniform result, you'd need to be looking at a reflection at a much more perpendicular angle to the ground.

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    Sadly that's now 'correct'. The old style is really very wrong (pre LW 11). That said there should be *some* cross bluring but LW's shader is not that sophisticated yet.


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