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Thread: TriCaster SD- Hanging on TriCaster Logo Screen(How to Restore TriCaster)

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    TriCaster SD- Hanging on TriCaster Logo Screen(How to Restore TriCaster)

    Problem Description and Steps to Verify/Reproduce
    Standard Definition TriCaster (TriCaster 100,Pro,Studio and Broadcast) hangs on TriCaster logo screen and will not finish starting up. The solution involves restoring the unit which will flush the 'C:\' drive but leave the 'D:\' (Media) drive alone.

    Steps to Fix / Workaround

    Restoring the TriCaster.

    1. With the TriCaster powered off. Press the power button on the front, followed by pressing the “F8” key. (Doing this will bring us to a menu with OS choices.)
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    2. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to select “Restore TriCaster” then press Enter.(If you do not see the option to “Restore TriCaster” and your screen looks like this:
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      Then use the arrow keys to select “Return to OS Choices” then press Enter. This will take you to the menu with options you need.)
    3. The TriCaster will now boot into and run the Restore Partition.
    4. As the restore process boots up you will receive a warning that all the data on the “C” drive will be erased. This is normal, all of your Media is stored on the “D” drive which will go untouched.
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    5. If asked if you want to continue with the restoration, type “Yes” making sure to type it out with a capital “Y” and a lowercase “e” and “s”. Otherwise it will simply tell you to press Enter to begin the restoration.
    6. Once the TriCaster has finished restoring it will prompt you to turn it off. Hold the Power Button on the front of the TriCaster until it powers off.***Leave the TriCaster off at least 1 full minute before powering back on.***
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    After Restoration
    Restored the TriCaster will require you to activate Windows this can be done online or over the phone with Microsoft. The Product ID for Windows is located on the bottom of the unit.Once Windows has been activated you will need to contact NewTek Level 1 Customer Support, to have your Product ID updated in our registration system. With the registration updated and your new license key entered all that is left is to download and install the latest updates for your TriCaster. They can be found online at
    If you experience any further issues or the problem persists, contact Level 2 Customer Support.
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