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Thread: Post #15000 ... a personal retrospective

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    Quote Originally Posted by SBowie View Post
    And, they're off ...
    This was the first post read today when I got to the studio. Being morning (relatively speaking), it was a mouthful of double-latte that nearly passed through my nose.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SBowie View Post
    It's kind of a bitteersweet 'celebration', isn't it? It could be taken as 'Man, you really need to get a life!"
    Not that when thats part of your life/job and there's some enjoyment in it. Other than, you know, janitor tasks. But also thanks for those and for keeping the forums clean.

    I guess as celebration you should add a hat to your avatar or just another icon. A pen maybe


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    I joined this forum in 2003 and over the years learned to always read your posts.
    Life is full of millions of small good things. Thanks for adding a few thousand to mine.
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