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Thread: Stream Configuration Panel: Capturing the Stream

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    Stream Configuration Panel: Capturing the Stream


    What would I want to use the “Archive File” switch in the Stream Configuration panel?


    Enable the Archive File switch in the Server control group, and supply a file name in the adjoining field. A folder is automatically created (at D:\Media\Clips\sessionname\SavedStreams) to receive the captured stream file. (Note, this option is not shown for Browser-based connections since archival service is commonly offered by the CDN in that case.)

    Hint: If you’re not intent on live streaming, but wish to capture a live switching session, you would likely record at full resolution using the Record button (rather than Stream). The high quality captured files can then be used later in TriCaster’s DDR, edited in SpeedEDIT™, or even be transferred to another computer (even on a different platform) for external processing or editing.
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