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Thread: What's this?

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    What's this?

    During our last football broadcast, Output 1 (connected with TimeWarp) recorded out replays, Output 2 recorded out Program. Each replay recorded with this strange black bar on the right side of the frame:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    It did not appear in the preview window of the source, but was recorded on the hard drive like that. Anyone know how that could happen?

    Thanks in advance.

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    What video from the TriCaster did you have going out Output #1? An M/E? If it was an M/E did you verify that none of the A&B channels in the M/E had positioning controls turned on?

    Typically, I would setup my outputs the the other way around. My primary record would be Output #2 which would a M/E or at the very least a clean feed for the Timewarp to use. Then use Output #1 as you normally would, as program out. Not that the way you are doing it won't work, but I like to think of Output #1 as program out.
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    Typically, I, too, would want Output 1 to be Program record. However, I'm using a TimeWarp on a TC460. Doesn't it default to using Output 1. Because of that, I have Output 1 as an M/E so I can change the source I'm replaying. I had checked and there was/is no positioning controls turned on.

    I was told today by Newtek to update my software. Hmmm....

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    Check the Edge controls, as well ... and any active KEY channels in the M/E.
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