It would be VERY convenient if Layout supported ALIASES for all items.

These are optional names that exist WITH the standard (e.g. filename+layer) name. If implemented as in After Effects, either standard names OR aliases are displayed at any one time. If an item does not have an alias yet, the standard name is displayed.

This would especially be convenient for CLONE items, as each clone could have a specific alias, while retaining its standard name.

I don't use BONES much, but I suspect aliases would be very welcome there, especially as they have no impact on the code, but are essentially just user conveniences. That is: NAME based utilities and workflows would not be affected by the existence of aliases.

One aspect of aliases that just occurred to me is that they facilitate TAGGING: scripts could append characters or strings that ease/simplify coding of user utilities, such as group hiding ("Hide all items with '$' in alias") and other tasks. Since these strings don't appear in the name, they don't affect name based utilities, while still being user-readable/writable.