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Thread: Bug Report: Changing Smoothing Angle doesn't take effect during current session

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    I guess where I am missing something is that LW seems totally consistent as far as view names are concerned. But where their arrangement is involved, you are much more familiar with those conventions. I have made up an image showing all six views. But the uploader seems to be not working. So I will just describe it. The view labeled "Top" shows the top of the animal. The view labeled "Bottom" shows the bottom of the animal. The view labeled "Right" shows the right side of the animal while the view labeled "Left" shows the left side of the animal. The view labeled "Back" shows the back side of the animal and view labeled "Front" shows the front side of the animal. All of these names are consistent. Certainly this is the way the developers of LW intended modeling to be done in Modeler. But so many artists face their models backward and it screws up the naming convention. Beyond this, you can select any view you want in any port in any combination. But if you want "Right" to be looking to the right instead of looking at the right side of the model then it will be wrong. In fact *all* names will be consistently backwards for you but the names are all consistent as long as you face your models forward.

    But if you faced the animal in the -Z direction then four of the names will be wrong. This is because front and back are switched as well as left and right are switched.

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    That may very well be true but it all comes down to the basic fact that you happen to like being the actor, where I prefer being the director. When I direct someone in a film, I don't have them facing away from me when I'm talking to them or trying to show them something. We'll just have to agree to disagree on this. The other application examples that I found (didn't look very long—found enough) supported the convention that I subscribe to. MODO doesn't in an odd way that doesn't even match LightWave; which is a bit surprising in that it sprung from LightWave in the first place and a lot of basic stuff like this were carried over. All of the character/sculpting applications I have load models in facing me.

    Just loaded up Rebel Hill's T-Rex. It faces me in both the "Back" and Perspective viewports. All of his rigs face me, as do any I've seen from any other riggers. I don't expect to have to turn a model 180° as soon as it loads into Layout before I can begin working with it there. Facing off to the horizon doesn't make a lot of sense... to me. Yes, it is the user's choice to turn the model around and have it facing away if desired. Just feels awkward... to me. That the huge consistency between other applications and users exists, indicates to me that when the model is facing the "wrong way", the viewports are labelled to match. This is not saying that you are wrong. There is no right or wrong, when it comes to preferences in how to model. It's just... different.

    I guess we've beaten this to death and fully understand each other's point of view (pun intended), so can return to trying to figure out why the smoothing stops working all on its own; which is a far bigger problem than how a viewport identifier is spelled.
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