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Thread: Batch Delete Vertex Maps tool

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    Batch Delete Vertex Maps tool


    This Full HD video is showing how to use TrueArt's Delete Vertex Maps tool.

    It's part of TrueArt's Modeling Pack (Windows 32/64 bit version at the moment)

    Delete Vertex Maps tool allows to delete many (even hundred) vertex maps at once, f.e. delete the all morph maps from current object.

    It is the only way you can delete couple internal vertex maps such as Normal vertex maps, not possible any other way.

    It has handy multi-choice listview, with functions to select all, select none, toggle selection, and filters to restrict to just one vertex map type at once.

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    This is such an awesome tool!

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    Does it do anything with the associated files from which the vmaps originated, or does it just manipulate the in-memory entities?
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    What files? Vmaps are per-vertex values and as such are just associated with meshes.
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