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Thread: Recommnedations needed on the best way to use SpeedEdit

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    Recommnedations needed on the best way to use SpeedEdit

    Hi All;
    I have a project I need to complete in a short timeframe. This project requires a lit of Green Screen Chroma Keying as we animated titling.

    I haven't used my copy of SpeedEdit for a while but do believe it works fairly well for simple editing.

    While I haven't personally tried it myself, after doing some searching and reading a lots of reports, I am led to believe that SpeedEdit's built in Chroma Keyer is mediocre and really not that useful. I also hear bad things said about the titler too. In contrast to this, lots of people rave about chroma keyers in competing software.

    So here's my question(s) ...

    What do most of you who are professionals do when you need to create a fairly complicated project with SpeedEdit that requires keying out a green screen and adding titles? Do you use third party applications ? If so, which ones?
    I have after-effects but I personally find it awkard to use to produce a video from start to finish. Considering I want high quality, would you suggest using After-Effects (or some other application) to create the chroma key footage and titling and then import into Speededit ? Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hi Tim,

    You're asking a MIGHTY big question here that has no single answer.

    Essentially, your question encompases compositing work and anyone who has dealt in film/video productions on a professional level will tell you, most productions have specialised personnel to handle that type of work.

    The reason for this, is that these personnel are trained specifically for this type of work. There are many tools that can be used for green screen compositing and they all target different user skill, knowledge levels and project complexities.

    The basic rule of thumb is, the more complex the project, the more sophisticated the tool and the more skilled you have to be.

    I have found SpeedEDIT to be very good at greenscreen work, but only because I put the time in to learn it's strengths and weaknesses. For what it can't do well, I use other tools. For other tools, the same rule applies. I only know how to use them effectively, because I put the time in to learn them.

    If you're looking for a quick, press one button and it's done solution, then you might be better off sending the clips to a compositing artist because proper greenscreen work can be very difficult to do right, since there are many variables to consider. From the initial shot setup (lighting, colour balancing, reflections, shadow removal, camera settings, etc) to post production work, it's not a quick thing and it's speed of completion depends a lot on how the initial shot was set up.

    I don't know how skilled you are at compositing work, but judging by the question you pose, it sounds as though you're still learning and discovering this side of video production.

    Bottom line, try some greenscreen compositing on some experimental shots and see which tool works for you. Failing that, hire a guy.



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