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Thread: Gearing up for LW12?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dexter2999 View Post
    I could be wrong, but I remember it differently. I remember a quote of "If it was up to me there wouldn't be a LW 10." CORE was unfinished and was being offered as part of LW 10, a working product. Not the other way around.
    When I bought in it was near the end of the special offer. I bought CORE, Lightwave 10, the character animation DVD, and access to future builds of Lightwave. I got Lightwave 10. I didn't get CORE or any of the physics and stuff which they said initially would be in 10, but then moved them into a paid upgrade to 11 which I haven't been able to afford. I got to download the DVD despite paying for a physical disc. And I never got access to future builds.

    As a long term unemployed guy I have to budget every single cent I get. I'm well educated, I've even gone back to college, but I just can't find work anywhere. I'm using my website and my programming and writing skills to try and get some success but I haven't hit the jackpot yet. So taking out a loan to buy all the stuff on offer and only to receive a fraction of it was bad show by Newtek, particularly for a guy like me with very limited free funds. At this point I think I'll hold out for Lightwave 12 to ship before upgrading because if I upgrade to 11 now, knowing my luck, 12 would be released the next day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ztreem View Post
    First of all no user killed core, NT did. The only problem I had with core and I think many with me, was not the idea or concept of core. It was that we could not utilize any of our knowledge about LightWave in it, it had no common thing with LW so it was like start from scratch. If I have to learn everything again, why would I learn a 3D app that is crashy has a slow and slugish interface and lack most of the tools I need. Better to learn any of the other 3D apps out there that is mature and proven to work. This doesn't mean that I like LW as it is now, I really need LW to get better at handling big meshes and many objects in a scene. I don't want to throw away my 15+ years of learning lightwave just like that.

    Edit: Maybe I should update my avatar. xD
    I was feeling the same when beta testing core, i was so enthousiastic about that but was not able to just load any old scene in that core thing because of collada!!!
    At the time my knowlegde about nodes was insufficient so i was like a newbie trying to do simple texturing on a cube!!!!

    Pfewww.... and crashing was so annoying..

    We are artist and the software we know need big changes but it is not easy to create with complete different tools.
    If we have to learn a new software from scratch we will go to a more popular software to get jobs!

    I am for the unification and i think it is possible to merge Layout and Modeler like if they where modules so you can swap from one interface to the other in a transparent manner. I hope so with a similar ui.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lewis View Post
    the further they delay it they'll have more work to redo the stuff already done and will make it more and more incompatible with each next version .
    For me, the problem with key handling is not its speed.
    Itīs the absence of functionality.
    Functionality that should give the animator access to keys via additional shells that give meaning to group of keys.
    LW key handling feels like programming a computer in assembler.
    Instead, we should be handling markers and regions and NLE-style boxes that represent internal and external sets of keys, in order to build our stories fast.

    Build a front-end prototype with the technology they already have.

    Start a dialog with the user community and re-develop that area of LightWave.
    As users, we canīt help with the changes in architecture but we can help defining the control panel.

    At this moment I donīt see that dialog.
    I worry about that.

    Quote Originally Posted by pinkmouse View Post
    fundamental flaws need to be fixed. There's no point building a flashy new kitchen in a house where the foundations are riddled with dry rot.
    When you do not have a kitchen at all, you need a temporary solution. Even if itīs in the tool shed.
    A cheap microwave. A refrigerator. Water. Because we need food every single day.

    Without users, the next solution will be aimed at programmers instead of animators.
    Without a proper goal, how do you know youīre heading in the right direction?
    How do you know that the architecture supports your goals?

    That goal needs to be defined first.
    Build a prototype, then the architecture, then the final product.

    Proper key handling is essential for Layout.

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    I agree with a lot of the points made here and have felt the same way a lot of times. I think I just finally evaluated it for myself - not having access to insider info from LW3D Group - and came up with my own conclusions. I think all of this has been debated to no end so I don't feel like hashing it all over again and again.

    But I think in a nutchell that LW 3D Group is doing the best that they can and it has been all uphill from core forward because at least at that point they finally started to do something about it and it has not stopped. It is a long road to recover from 10 or more years of ignoring the changing technology and trying to develop LightWave on this old horse. That is at the root of the problem. How they proceed from here could be debated endlessly. There are several options, but they have chosen one that can work, regardless of weather we all agree or not.

    And LightWave will continue to improve. And they very well know what it is the community wants. It is just a matter of how at this point I think.

    I also think they likely have some very cool things they are getting ready to release and it should be interesting to see what they have been up to.

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