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Thread: Output Connections: A/V Output 3Play 4800/440

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    Output Connections: A/V Output 3Play 4800/440

    3Play provides several video and audio output connector groups, and very flexible options for display of your live and recorded video streams. Here are some of the possibilities:
    • Simultaneously send two indpendent outputs to extneral devices.
    • Send 3Play audio and video output to a network-connected TriCaster ™.
    • Simultaneously send output to both analog and digital devices.
    • Transmit another output or multi-bridge monitoring layout to a secondary monitor (or projector) via the Multiview port.
    • Another output option is provided via an HDMI port. This output tracks the active 3Play Channel Delegate (A or B).
    • Finally, two Display ports provide Channel A and B video to two further computer style monitors.
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