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Thread: Chapter Points for MP4 or Other File Format

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    Chapter Points for MP4 or Other File Format

    Maybe this has been discussed in a previous post, but after searching couldn't find anything.
    Is there a way within SE2 to create an MP4 file (or other similar format for playability in WMPlayer) that has chapter points for the viewer to skip to?
    Thanks for your help!

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    While I haven't found a way to implement chapter points into an MP4 (or have them accessible in WMP), I did find a workable work-around. In YouTube, using "Annotations", you can add a menu bar that contains chapter selection points. My client loved that the chapters were labeled on the video in a non-distracting way (slightly ghosted across the top). Viewers are able to click to the desired point in the video that interests them. Downside is that this can't be "handed over" to the client in file form - but links can be used in emails, etc. Just FYI.

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    Glad you found the workaround because I have no idea if embedding CPs in MP4s is possible at all with SE.


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