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Thread: Character Reel

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    Character Reel


    Finished a short character reel with work from a few years back. I use Lightwave 3D and 3D-Coat for sculpting.
    Also a few Lightwave Tutorials on my Youtube channel if you've missed them.

    Reel is on both YouTube and Vimeo...

    YouTube Channel

    Vimeo Channel
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    Free LightWave Tutorials: YouTube Channel

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    I really liked the reel, your characters certainly have plenty of character. You did the sketch work too I take it? Very nice, something I'd like to be capable of.

    I did like The Boss peering into the camera, good expression.

    Loved the music too

    I'll have to check out some of your tutorials, they look like they could be quite informative.
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    I also will give your tuts a look.
    Nice stuff and you hit both ends of the spectrum, all with some interesting twists along the way.

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    Great reel! Some of them remember me those Todd Grimes characters

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    Thanks guys. Yes I'm a fan of Todd's work
    Freelance Illustration & Graphic Design

    Free LightWave Tutorials: YouTube Channel

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    Looks good
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    Nice stuff!

    Kev xx


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