Hey Tricaster Folks,

today I have to used iVGA Pro to stream a laptop with the autocue software to the Tricaster 460. So I don't keep one eye at the laptop and one eye to the laptop, anymore.

I downloaded the latest iVGA Por version from the newtek site, run it on the laptop and connect with my tricaster. For a few Seconds it works very well, but then the Tricaster NetSource is still freeze and only a restart of the session can solve the problem.

I read in the forum that some tricaster users are have the same problem. One solution was to deactivate the AntiVir Software, and an other was to check that both have an unique IPadress.
Both solutions were not effective on my setup.

I asked my IT Crowd, and after an analysis were are solve the problem. On my Tricaster was the IPv6 Modul online/active! After deactivate the IPv6 Modul on the Tricaster, iVGA and the tricaster work in perfect harmony.

The technical reason is that the iVGA stream cannot handle IPv6.

So, I hope i can help with this on solution of an iVGA Pro/ Tricaster Problem.

and I want to excuse for my (maybe) bad english. ;-)

Greetings from Germany.