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Thread: What is Multiview on the TriCaster?

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    What is Multiview on the TriCaster?


    What is Multiview on the TriCaster?


    TriCasterís Multiview output serves for subsidiary monitoring purposes or perhaps a projection system. Connecting a display device to one of the unused monitor connectors on TriCasterís backplate is usually all that is needed for the system to recognize it. A variety of Multiview layouts can be selected at any time in the Output Configuration panel in TriCasterís Live Desktop. For best results, configure Multiview Output to the native resolution of the external display (monitor or projector) connected.

    Note: Only two of the monitor ports on TriCasterís backplate can be used simultaneously. The port type options available for Multiview will depend on which connection you used previously to connect the monitor the UI.
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