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    Windows Media Push


    A Push Connection Type is often the most convenient method, especially in cases where TriCaster is connected behind a firewall, as when you need to stream from major venues (such as corporate offices, hotels, or convention centers).


    The program stream passes quietly out through any firewalls or routers between the facility and your streaming server. Also, once your streaming provider has provided you the connection specifics, you can resume the stream at any time without intervention from the server. When a Push profile is chosen, the Server control group updates to allow entry of the (pre-arranged) host web address (Location), Username and Password.

    Enabling the Stream button then “pushes” the stream from your location, logging into the pre-arranged web address using the username and password you provided. The streaming service then re-transmits your stream for all to see.
    (for more tips see the User Guide Chapter 5.3.4)
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