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Thread: RHiggit V2 - Released!

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    RHiggit V2 - Released!

    Finally... RHiggit V2 is here...

    Featuring unparallelled levels of functionality and ease of use, RHiggit 2 offers the most versatile, powerful, and artist friendly rigging toolset available no just for LightWave, but for ANY 3d app. Augmented with additional tools which help to streamline workflow in both custom manual rigging and animation tasks, both of general item, and RHiggit rig specific needs, it offers a complete system which will not simply improve your working practices, but which will transform the way you rig and animate in LightWave unlike any tool you have ever seen before.

    See the features roundup video here for a tour of what's on offer...

    And take a further gander over some of the documentation video guides if you would like to see more detail of the tools in action...

    Major features include...

    Free, Lite, Pro and Studio editions, ensuring something for everyone.
    High quality rig presets to serve all different kinds of character shapes and sizes.
    Custom, modular auto rig builder to create almost ANY character rig you can dream of.
    Artist friendly setup and control customisation allowing you to build highly functional rigs with ease.
    Superfast rigs for the fastest levels of scene interaction available with LW.
    Animation tools for grabbing fast selections while keying, pose and motion tools that reduce workload, curve and key filters to speed up workflow in graph editing.
    Motion capture retargeting tools which work to transfer motion to ANY RHiggit rig.
    All native rigs that can be further edited or enhanced by TDs, or shared with other LW users (no plugins required).
    Studio Licencing which gives redistributable tools, allowing supporting animation and rig fitting tools to be supplied to offsite animators without them needing to own any plugins.

    RHiggit V2 is available... here... and now! (upgrade pricing for owners of previous versions is available).

    Also, that which cannot go without mention... I offer my GREATEST thanks to those of you who participated in the Beta program for this toolset... Your input has been invaluable, for sure in bug busting, but also in your feedback and suggestions that have helped to shape the user experience of this toolset, and help it to be as accessible and artist oriented as possible. A super special shout-out in this regard to Kryslin, who... apart from my own self, has probably sunk more hours into this than anyone else. Im so very grateful for your time and input... Many, many thanks.

    Finally... those of you who have already purchased during the beta phase are probably wondering... "Omg... where's my final version download link??"... Fear not, Im registering everyone's access and sending out the final details as we speak, everyone will be sorted out within the coming hours.

    Thanks again.

    LSR Surface and Rendering Tuts.
    RHiggit Rigging and Animation Tools
    RHA Animation Tutorials
    RHR Rigging Tutorials
    RHN Nodal Tutorials
    YT Vids Tuts for all

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    wow! looks amazing! that dino rig looks cool... you just fit the rig in the dino model and it does the weight maps automatically? and does it generate the walk cycles too?

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    Congratulations RH!
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    Wow, impressively overwhelming the amount of features!

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    Gasp! It's... so difficult... typing... while my... jaw keeps bouncing on my desktop!
    I can hardly wait.

    Full congrats to you good sir! And I fully agree to the thanks for all who helped in polishing this gem.

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    Congrats. It looks absolutely INCREDIBLE.

    Pretty much a necessity if you do any animation with rigging - IMO of course.

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    I just want to say one word to RH "BRAVO!!!" ... This plugin shows what can be done in Lightwave!!!
    The only question pops in my mind is Why newtek did'nt take this type of development approach earlier? character animation and rigging tools were always weak in Lightwave, but looking at this plugin it feels that Lightwave is in the same league like Maya and other high end tools atleast in rigging scenario!

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    Really nice work on this. Rob needs to take you with him, to Siggraph this year (if they decide to attend) help dispel the notion that LW isn't an ideal platform for CA work. You have helped change that.

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    RH Awesome!!!

    This is on my wish list!!

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    Yay! I got props!

    Seriously, I was asked to beat on it and break it. And that's what I did Ad Nauseum...
    RH would fix something, and I go back and beat on it some more. Again, and again, and again....

    Glad to see it make it to Version 1.0. Can't wait to break version 1.1 a few dozen times .
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    Wish you were in NewTek every time I saw your achievement...

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