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Thread: Fitness room

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    In a condominium project, the client asked for a fitness room. This is the final 3D rendering.

    Comments please.

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    IMO, the second render is too blown out. There's just too much light and the result looks overexposed.

    At first, the sun striking the opposing building made me think that the "sun" direction for your render was incorrect; but when I look at your render again, I also think it's possible that these buildings could be at angles to each other, rather than facing each other.

    I would offset your light source coming through the windows to the left (as viewed from inside). That would help make the case that your building is at an angle to the building in full sunlight seen outside the window. I would also reduce the lux on your window light source so that it softens the scene a bit.

    I think the models look very good; the uncomplicated textures sell them a bit more. The mats look great! The composition is good too, although I'm wondering about the lack of focus on the rack of dumbbells closest to the viewer... is that from in-camera, or added in post?

    Overall, very good work in my opinion!
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