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Thread: Kinect "stopped"

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    Kinect "stopped"

    So I have an issue configuring a Kinect for Windows using Lightwave 11.6.3 in Windows 8.1

    After installing the KinnectRuntime 1.7 as per the instructions for Nevron motion. After following the instruction to a T when I access the device manager I renames the Kinect "Kinect_A" and enable it. However the status column states that Kinect_A is stopped and when I open settings the place where the kinect video should be is a plane white pane.

    Anone have any idea what I should try next?
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    Several things may fix this:

    1) Plug your kinect into a different USB port... its unlikely port bandwidth is the issue but its best to make sure to rule this out. Also, USB 3.0 ports (usually colored blue) i've found can sometimes be finicky.

    2) Re-install the kinect runtime.

    3) If you are using an xbox kinect, though it isn't documented anywhere (for legal reasons probably), the windows runtime isn't what you want to install... I forget where the installer is and what its called, but you need the xbox 360 version if you have an xbox (not windows) kinect.

    Plenty of others have encountered this difficulty, so if things still aren't working chime in and we'll narrow this sucker down.
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