(Open) RAY CAST node dialog UI too easy to lose

Build Number 11.6.3, bld 2737 Opened 6/3/2014 (Today) 11:12 PM

The RAY CAST GEOMETRY node dialog UI is too easy to lose.

If, during the use of the RAYCAST node dialog UI, the user clicks on the Node Editor background, the Node Editor itself will jump to the front, hiding/covering the RAYCAST node dialog UI. Double-clicking the node will NOT bring the UI back to the front, in contrast to all other nodes.

The "double-click to the front" behaviour seems to be the standard for nodes, but RAY CAST GEOMETRY is not following that standard.

(I found this when watching a Celshader video: I wondered why she was "wasting a click" closing the dialog over and over. Normally I just click anywhere else in the Node Editor to dismiss the dialog.)